It’s been… A while.

So much is happening and part of me wants to document every single minute. Every second. Every breath, every heartbeat.

But the other part of me struggles to find the time. And I wish for a few more hours in the day, but as that’s never going to happen, I’ll have to settle for updating this blog about twice a year!

I am busy (work stuff), we are busy (family stuff) and the girls are changing and growing day by day.

Back before the summer holidays we (the girls and I) met up with Carley. We had a brilliant day, aided – from my point of view – by the girls having an early but EPIC nap, which meant Carley and I could have a proper chat and gossip before they woke up. Which was really great. We had chatted back and forth via Facebook and Twitter and Carley was hugely instrumental in me setting this blog up as self-hosted (and my subsequent ability to set up a new website for the twins club we go to!) but this was the first time we had met in the real world. You never really know what it’s going to be like finally meeting people from the blogosphere, but (and I hope Carley agrees!) it felt just like old friends catching up, which was so lovely.

We have also had the summer holidays and all four of us at home, which was just brilliant. We did quite a few day trips and a couple of mini breaks to visit family.

We are now back into the grind of normal back-to-school life and I am once again doing the Shakespeare project at school, which this year means the girls are staying one night a week at my mum and step dad’s. They are really enjoying it and, although I know they miss us, I think we are actually possibly missing them more!

I am still breastfeeding but we have recently cut out night feeds. I did it really gently by reading them a story about milky going to sleep at night and buying them a gro clock so they have a clear idea of when it is morning. We had a week or so of slight resistance – a few weepy cuddles – but now they both know and understand the limits and will happily talk during the day about what times they can have milky. It hasn’t had a dramatic effect in their sleep (yet?) but Claudia has slept through the night twice – at my mum’s! She did almost STTN at home a few nights ago, but Immie woke her up!

Near the beginning of the summer holidays we made the transition from cots to toddler beds. They love their big girl beds and still get excited when they walk into their bedroom and see them!

They have been two for two months now and so far the tantrums are no worse than they were before – although they do still happen!

They are talking more and more going through phases of saying various things and learning new phrases and concepts

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