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On the up

Fingers crossed, touch wood, spin round three times and spit over your shoulder: I have finally started feeling better.

It’s a slow journey back to feeling somewhat normal, but I am noticing longer and longer periods when I feel okay.

About bloody time really.

We had our last scan at Guy’s last week and it’s taken me this long to actually post the pictures because I’ve just felt too rubbish to do stuff like update the blog.  But, without further ado, here are the twins at 10 weeks and 1 day.

It was really amazing.  This time they had stopped looking like bean sprouts and started looking like, well, actual babies.  We could see heads, heart beats, arms, legs, fingers…  This one in the last picture was all curled up and then suddenly, it began to move.  I don’t know why but I totally hadn’t expected them to actually move!  It has certainly started seeming a bit more real now.  And it probably helps that I’ve stopped feeling so wretched and have cheered up.

We received our letter today from the midwives giving a date for my first ‘booking in’ appointment and our 12 week scan.  It’s weird to have left Guy’s care now and be moving into the care of the local maternity unit, but it’s exciting to think we’re finally reaching the 12 week mark and the end of the first trimester (I’ll be 12 weeks 2 days at the first midwife appointment and 13 weeks 2 days for the scan, which is fine as the ’12 week scan’ actually can be done any time between 11 weeks and 13 weeks 6 days).

Although I’m excited for the scan, I’m also very glad we got as many pictures as we did from Guy’s last week, as the letter from the midwives says that each picture from our 12 week scan will cost us £3!  Daylight robbery!  But of course, who wouldn’t get a picture?

In the meantime, L has been in a decorating frenzy, trying to get our flat ready to put on the market.  We badly need to move to a house that has a garden and that isn’t two floors up!  We really want to move before the twins come along and that means getting the house on the market as soon as is humanly possible and hoping and praying that everything happens quickly.

This means that our other babies are going to have to take a holiday to the mother-in-law’s so they don’t put off potential buyers with their litter trays and stinky food and fur EVERYWHERE!  Barney expressed how he is feeling about it all by trying to destroy our midwife form and then proceeding to go to sleep on it.

I'M the baby!

Hi ho hi ho

We started back to work today.  Thankfully, we have two Inset days and the kids don’t start back until Thursday.  In fact, I know I’m pretty lucky, because today and tomorrow are mostly about planning and listening to talks about data analysis and standards, and then Thursday afternoon we have our third scan and Friday afternoon I have non-contact time.  So I am breaking myself back in gently.

But even today, when I spent the morning chatting through several units of work with my fellow Year 6 teachers and then took down a display and spent the afternoon sitting and listening to the Senior Leadership Team talking about expectations for the new term, I feel absolutely exhausted.

Neither my wife nor I could sleep last night – as if my body went into revolt at the idea of returning to work and just refused to accept that it needed to get up early.  So when the alarm went off this morning, I felt like the living dead.  Despite my fairly gentle day at work, my TA looked over at me as the end of the day approached and told me I’d gone all pale.

I am really fed up of feeling sick and tired and weak and very grateful that my week isn’t as full-on as it could be.  I’m still being sick most days and, even when I get a full night’s sleep and spend the day pretty much just sitting on my arse, I’m so fucking tired!  When we went out for New Year’s, I couldn’t even stand and talk to people for very long before I started feeling weak and shaky – I spent most of NYE talking to people from a chair and getting a total crick in my neck.

I was feeling so miserable towards the end of last week that L was threatening to take me to a doctor if I didn’t cheer up.  I still feel pretty miserable, but I think she accepts that I am just fed up of feeling like this, rather than being depressed.  It’s if I still feel this despondent when the sickness is gone that anyone will really need to worry.

I haven’t posted much here, or been much of a presence on Twitter, because all I’ve wanted to do is moan – and that’s no fun for anyone!

I’m hoping that I only have another couple of weeks of morning sickness to deal with as I will reach the second trimester at that point.  In the meantime, we still need to actually book in with a midwife in order to arrange for the 12 week scan.  It seems I’ve left it rather late to do this, but because we’ve had the scans and aftercare from Guy’s, it didn’t seem that urgent.

So back to work and sorting out appointments and getting on top of everything.  Hopefully I won’t have as much time to feel sorry for myself!

Holy ultrasound madness, Batman!

So, we went back to Guy’s today so that they could check up on my progress in terms of the OHSS and hopefully as well so that they could  do a scan.

Two babies!  Twins!  Of course it’s still very early days (6 weeks and one day by my count, although the doctor was a little vague about it, not having a calendar in front of him), but today we saw two little fishes swimming around in my uterus!

L is coming up with a series of nicknames for them: Pinky and Perky one week, Torville and Dean the next, Ant and Dec the week after.  We’re both slightly shell-shocked, although I was fairly convinced it had to be twins.  The doctor chuckled as he told us, saying it was no wonder I’d been so ill.

Even though it’s so early, we’re pretty much totally out of the closet at work with the whole pregnancy thing.  When I was in hospital, it was hard for L to fudge the details when people were concerned I was off work, so we ended up agreeing that if it came up specifically then it was okay for her to say.  This meant that we were freely flashing our scan picture in the staff room today when we got back from our appointment this morning.

We have another scan booked for the 19th when we hopefully should be able to see the heartbeats!

And my OHSS is much better.  My ovaries are still enlarged, but there is far less fluid in there, so although I’m still bloated, it’s not too concerning.  And we kinda have bigger things to worry about now.  Like double buggies.

Holy shit, it’s twins!

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