Relevant Reading

Just a collection of articles I’ve read that seem relevant to me (and so hopefully might be relevant to any readers on a similar path).

Children of lesbian parents excel at school, study shows – When Sally Met Sally November 2012

Dear Seth: a letter to a baby of lesbian mums – Lesbilicious September 2012

Rupert Everett can’t imagine anything worse than two gay dads. Really? – Guardian September 2012

Gay Parenting – It’s Complicated – Guardian April 2012

I Didn’t Have To Have A Man (The first lesbian in Britain to conceive by insemination) – Guardian June 2011

J. Crew Catalog Shows Boy Wearing Pink Nail Polish, Inevitable Freak Out Ensues – MoxieBird April 2011

McKellen takes gay tour to schools – Guardian April 2011

A letter to… my son’s sperm donor – Guardian April 2011

Teen Zach Wahls Defends Gay Parents to Iowa House of Representatives, Forgets That All Parents are Embarrassing – MoxieBird February 2011

What do children call their gay parents? – Guardian January 2011

European court urged to end UK marriage ‘apartheid’ – Guardian December 2010

Lesbian mothers: My two mums – Guardian December 2010

What I’m really thinking: The lesbian mother – Guardian December 2010

It’s time more gay men became dads – Guardian October 2010