Our Story

If you’re new to the blog and want to catch up on the main events without having to trawl through all the archives, you can do so here, where posts are handily arranged according to theme.


Our Wedding

The big question – the story of how I proposed

Name, rank or serial number? – our table names

Legality (with a Y) – registering our intent to marry

Mrs and Mrs – my account of our wedding day

Our wedding in pictures – does exactly what it says on the tin

Honeymoon in Mexico – our amazing honeymoon

Adventures in Babymaking

The first steps

Donor decisions

Passing the test – our counselling session

Bombshell – starting the process

And breathe – starting my hormone drugs

Needles – the next step of hormone treatment

Ready for the harvest – the egg harvest

I am the egg man – after egg collection

Waiting… – embryo transfer

Bringing all the dramaz – I suffer with OHSS

Holy ultrasound madness, Batman – we find out it’s twins

Introducing… – our twins are born

The Birth Story – not for the fainthearted!

Other places to find us on teh Internets

When Sally Met Sally – pregnancy blog; from fertility drugs to birth story

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Part 2

Experience of a lesbian wedding at 2 Brides to 2 Mummies

Our wedding on A Bicycle Built for Two

Our wedding on For Real