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A very merry Christmas

From the four of us!

We are SO looking forward to Christmas Day (we are hosting both sets of parents and my brothers) and hope that all of you have a wonderful time with your families and friends over the Christmas period.

This blog is two years old today and who would have believed, as I typed out that first entry, that we’d be here today with two of the most gorgeous babies on the planet! Dreams really do come true…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Xxx

Making preparations

Pregnancy hormones are weird.  I’ve been swinging between euphoric contentment and torturous anxiety several times a day.  Currently I’m feeling pretty good as we heard today that our mortgage has been approved and the valuation has been instructed, which is a real weight off my mind seeing as we’re hoping to complete at the beginning of June.  We’ve also had a surveyor come around here this week to assess our property for our buyers’ mortgage, so the news on the moving front is all good so far.

We’re now a few days into the much-needed Easter holidays and we’ve actually been  incredibly busy, but it’s all been nice things we’ve been busy with – mostly catching up with people (today is the first day we’ve eaten lunch at home!) – so it hasn’t been hard work.

On Sunday we decided to explore Westfield Stratford and I was finally allowed to buy some baby clothes, which my wife has been putting off feeling it was still a bit too soon.  However, sitting down and drawing up a list of all the things we’re going to need before the babies arrive made both of us realise how much we really do have to get.

Buying the baby clothes I became a bit of a force to be reckoned with.  We do need quite a lot of basic clothing because we’re having twins, but the temptation to buy gorgeous outfits was only tempered by the fact that we don’t know the sexes of the babies, which left us a little restricted.  We really don’t mind what combination of sexes we end up with, but I have to say that the girl baby clothes totally blew my mind with cuteness factor and I am (not so) secretly hoping that we get to buy cute little tights and dresses and smocks.

Look how huge the Sesame Street one is! That's because it's 'Newborn' size, which ours probably won't fit into for at least a month!!

The babies have been very active – wriggling and kicking more and more as the days and weeks progress – so although I still can’t wait for the scan on the 18th, I know the babies are okay.  They’ve started poking around under my ribs, which is a rather strange sensation, and there are also times now when I can feel them as a solid lump on one side or the other of my belly.

I had to have a glucose tolerance test yesterday to check for gestational diabetes which, due to the fact I’m having twins and have a family history of diabetes, I’m at a higher risk of.  I had to fast from 10:30 the previous night and then go to the hospital to have my blood taken.  I then was asked to down just under 500ml of Lucozade and sit and wait for two hours before having my blood taken again.  Not only was that two hour wait mind-numbingly boring – as my lovely wife will also attest to – but drinking such a high-calorie drink on an empty stomach caused a huge sugar rush followed by an even bigger sugar slump.  Around an hour after drinking it I was near tears I felt so sick and tired and generally crappy.  Still, it’s over and done with now and we just have to wait for the results.

This evening my gorgeous wife is taking me out for a pre-birthday date.  I’ve been really rubbish about my birthday this year, asking mostly for money and/or baby store vouchers.  I told L the only things I really wanted were to see the ‘Hunger Games’, which I knew she wasn’t overly keen on seeing, and a photo from our wedding to put up somewhere, as although I have put all our wedding pics on the computer and Facebook and Flickr and our digital photo frame, we have talked for ages about having a couple of pictures printed to actually put up, but haven’t got around to it yet.

She revealed earlier today that she has booked us tickets to see ‘Hunger Games’ tonight, which I’m really excited about.  She’s also been cooking me a Jaffa Cake Cheese Cake the recipe for which we saw on Sunday Brunch a couple of weeks ago, which we’ll take to my mum’s tomorrow when we go round for my birthday dinner.

My impending 31st seems very anticlimactic, but I really don’t mind.  I loved celebrating my 30th last year and I just feel a bit like I have more important things to worry about this year.  Everyone’s moaned at me for asking for Mamas and Papas vouchers, but I will really, REALLY enjoy spending them, even though I won’t necessarily be buying anything for myself – although let’s not forget they do also sell maternity wear.

I am so excited about meeting the twins and really impatient about moving.  I want us to be in and settled as soon as possible and I’m eager to buy furniture for the nursery and make the room all cosy for them.  As much as I want the babies to stay in my tummy as long as they need to and cook for as long as possible, I am so desperate to meet them!

Soooooooo cute!

Love is in the air

Yesterday it was exactly 6 months since our wedding (weird as it simultaneously feels like forever ago and just last week).  To celebrate, we went out and saw ‘Woman in Black’ at the cinema yesterday.  It’s a great film and I highly recommend it, but it is very scary!  The wife doesn’t really do scary films, but she was very brave.  When we got home we had a Marks and Spencer’s Valentine’s meal for two, even though it wasn’t Valentine’s day yet because I had other plans for today.

I’m not a big proponent of Valentine’s day – an opinion my wife has tried to correct – as I am pretty much of the mind that one should celebrate a relationship all the year round and not just on a day fixed to make lots of money for the greeting cards industry.  However, with the twins on the way in July I realised that my wife’s birthday (July) and our first anniversary (August) were likely to be somewhat underwhelming celebrations due to us being up to our eyeballs in dirty nappies and vomit and our beautiful, brand new bundles of joy.

With that in mind, I decided to try and make this Valentine’s day a bit more special.  Without my wife’s knowledge I booked us tickets to Cirque du Soleil at the Royal Albert Hall tonight.  When she opened her card this morning, the tickets were inside.  I have also booked us in for an early dinner at a restaurant called Gaucho, which has a branch in Sloane Avenue.  This part of the evening is still a surprise to L (and although I normally get her to proof read my blog, this time I won’t and I’m scheduling this post to publish once we’re already there, so the surprise won’t be ruined!).  We’ve never been to Gaucho before, but have heard very good things – and it’s a steak house (L’s favourite food) so I know I can’t go wrong!

I’m also 16 weeks pregnant today – 4 months (give or take) – and this is the current state of my belly:

Beware the weird emerging belly button - do not look directly at it!

I’m feeling pretty good – although I’ve had a cold for OVER A WEEK and just cannot seem to throw it off – and I’m loving having a bump that actually is starting to look somewhat bump-like and not just like I overindulged!  I also got a ‘Baby on board’ badge from TfL which, if you live in London and use the train, tube or buses, is a really good idea.  It basically advertises the fact that yes, I would like your seat thank you very much, and avoids the awkwardness of people not wanting to insult you by suggesting you might be pregnant if you’re not.  I’m planning on wearing it with pride on our way up to Kensington this evening.

Best of all, Valentine’s day or not, I’m just really relishing the fact that it’s half term.  A week off – although it’s passing far too quickly already – is just what I needed and I now have just over a term until I go on maternity leave (probably, I haven’t officially given notice of when I plan to take it yet), which is very exciting.

We’re starting to think seriously about buggies and cots and all kinds of baby accessories, although we don’t really want to buy anything until we have moved – or at least know the dimensions of the rooms we are moving to – so I know the time will start getting away from us and the babies will be here before we know it.

Our flat is going on the market in the next couple of days, so fingers crossed we find a buyer quickly.  Lots to do and think about, but in the meantime, I’m just going to enjoy today and the rest of the week.  Half term rocks.

Honeymoon in Mexico

On Thursday morning, we touched down at Gatwick after our two week honeymoon to Riviera Maya, Mexico.

After two days at home we are still struggling to get over the jet lag, but our two weeks away were, without doubt, two of the best of my life.

Our hotel was gorgeous, right on the beach.  We went all-inclusive, so the only thing to do really was lay by the pool drinking cocktails.

We went on a couple of excursions, visiting Chichen Itza, the ancient Maya ruins; swimming in an underground cenote and snorkelling with whale sharks, the biggest fish in the sea.

Mexico excursions

Because we were on our honeymoon, we had a few little perks tied in to our holiday.  We had a romantic dinner on the beach (that only got rained off just before dessert, so that was okay); we had a massage in the Spa; we had a bottle of champagne in our room on arrival and housekeeping often left us swans made out of towels decorated with rose petals.


We had an absolutely fabulous time and really didn’t want to come home – although the mosquitos were starting to wear me down, seemingly immune to however much insect repellent I sprayed all over myself.

It was amazing and relaxing and I couldn’t have asked for a better honeymoon.


Now we’re home and thinking about having to get back to the grind when school starts back on Monday, and about our impending appointments at Guy’s, the prospect of which is very exciting.

We also got an email from our wedding photographer to say our pictures are ready and online so we can choose around 60 for our album, which he will then print, put in the album and send to us, along with a CD of proofs.  In the meantime, we can look online and so can our friends and family.  The pictures are brilliant and I love how totally happy we look.  There are over 400, so it takes a while to get through them all, but we’ve looked at them about 3 times already.  In fact, I think I’m going to publish this, click on the link and look at them all again.

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