Here you will find a mishmash of links to the places I like to hang out on teh interwebs.

When Sally Met Sally – A lesbian and bisexual webzine for all your news and entertainment needs. I wrote a blog for them detailing our quest to get pregnant and now write about what it’s like being a two mum family.

Lesbilicious – another great lesbian webzine, notable particularly for the hilarious Candy Bar Girls Liveblogs by Hilary W.

2 Brides to 2 Mummies – Lauren and Sarah are getting married in July ’13 and have become good friends of ours.

Sprezzatura – Laura and Sarah are an American/British couple who live in London.

Two Aussie Mammas – a couple from Australia who recently had a gorgeous little boy.

A Summer Full of Peaches – Carley and Stacey live together in Edinburgh, but will their future be one together, or will their careers take them down separate paths?

Mondays With Mac – two mums and a long-distance dad on a co-parenting adventure with a beautiful little boy.

A Bicycle Built for Two – lesbian wedding inspiration

For Real – weddings and wedding planning tips. The non-traditional way.

Amalah – one of my favourite bloggers, who also happens to write lots of interesting stuff about pregnancy, babies and parenting.

See also:

940 Sundays – Fiona is another great blogger I have been following for many years.

Courtney Summers – you should read her books; they are A-MA-ZING! Her blog is pretty good too 😉

Heidi Stephens – as well as writing TV reviews and liveblogs for the Guardian, Heidi blogs about her life in a quiet West country hamlet here.

Wheelistically – Claire takes some wicked pics as well as being a very entertaining writer. Her dogs are too cute!

TV Jam – Hilary loves Sue Perkins, and she and her band of telly reviewers are set to take over the world.

The Male Nanny – snarky insights into an upper middle class family. Very very funny.

LUV & HAT – some very funny disagreements

Dooce – the Queen of Blogging

The Bloggess – ridiculously surreal and impossibly compulsive reading

Lesbian Dad – interesting blog by a non-biological lesbian parent

Born This Way – I wasn’t sure whether to include this link here, or under ‘Relevant Reading’, but either way, this blog is worth a look. Childhood photos submitted by gay adults, including testimony of how it felt to be a gay child/teen. Moving and touching stories.

Libertina Cats – a cat breeder in South East London, specialising in British Shorthair and Selkirk Rex cats (who we got Barney from).

The Guardian – the UK daily newspaper (I have the iPhone app). I particularly love the TV coverage especially the live blogs.

Failbook – because people really are that stupid.

Post Secret – holds more secrets than Gretchen Weiner’s hair.