We went back to the hospital today for another scan.  It all looked how it was supposed to.  (Apparently.  It was all black and white blobby fuzz to me, but what do I know?)

This meant that I could start adding the injections to my daily medications.  We had taken the injection kit with us to the appointment, so the nurse could show us how to use it.  She primed the injection pen for me and then talked me through the steps I needed to take.  I have to inject into fatty tissue, so stomach or thigh is best.  I had to do the first injection there so that she could guide me and make sure I knew exactly how to do it.

I twisted the dial on the pen round to the correct dosage and then pulled my shirt up, gently pinching a bit of flesh like the nurse had told me to.  I held the pen in my other hand, the needle hovering over my skin.  I could feel my heart pounding and my skin getting tingly with adrenalin.

I’m not a wuss.  I have quite a high pain threshold and I can be pretty tough when I need to be.  I’m not scared of much (except spiders OMFG), but there is something somehow inherently wrong-feeling about sliding a needle into your own flesh.

Eventually the shame of not being able to do it outweighed the fear of the needle and I slowly pressed it into the flesh of my belly.

It totally didn’t hurt.  Like, okay, a tiny scratch.  It was nothing.

Then I pressed the release button on the top and it slowly clicked down, injecting the medication under my skin.



It really stung.  And I had to hold the needle there for 10 seconds to make sure all the liquid had gone in.

Okay, I’m not a baby and it will be easier next time purely because I know what to expect.  But it bloody did sting!

I have to inject once a day and also have to reduce my nasal sprays to one, twice a day, rather than two twice a day, which is what I’ve been doing so far.  We’re going back on Friday 4th November for the next scan and hopefully at that point they will schedule egg collection, which could be as soon as Monday 7th!  OMG!

In other news – and to prove that I’m totally not a wuss when it comes to needles – I got a new tattoo.  I already have a couple that I got done at age 19 and 23.  This latest one is to commemorate our anniversary (obvs) and I thought it would REALLY hurt because of where it was.  But it totally didn’t.  See, I’m hardcore, me.

It’s all happening over here.

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