In a heartbeat

Yesterday we had our second scan.  The babies still look like funny, shrimpy, blobby things, but we could just make out each heartbeat, flickering somewhere in the middle of each shrimpy blob.

I’ve been really ill.  The morning sickness reached its apogee as I entered what is known as “hyper emesis” (basically, constant puking) and over the weekend we called the emergency GP and got me some anti-sickness tablets.  These cause drowsiness – on top of my twin pregnancy tiredness – but do seem to be stopping me from bringing up every goddamn thing I eat, so that’s a bonus.

The doctor also tested my urine for dehydration as apparently if pregnant women get ketones in their urine from dehydration, standard procedure is to admit that woman to hospital to rehydrate with a drip.  Thankfully, the urine test showed I was only slightly dehydrated, which was a real relief as I couldn’t bear the thought of another hospital stay, particularly one only a week before Christmas.

Of course, the doctor at Guy’s wasn’t too happy that I was even slightly dehydrated, as I’m still supposed to be drinking ridiculous amounts of water in an attempt to shrink my ovaries back down to normal size; the scan showed they are still enlarged, but slowly improving, and there was very little fluid left in my abdominal cavity.  So the bloating of my stomach may well be down to simply the enlarging of my uterus to accommodate the twins.

So, what with the sickness and the tiredness I’ve been pretty much less than useless.  I’ve managed a couple of circuits around Bluewater – with a long rest in GBK halfway through – and a brief visit to Toys R Us, but other than that, the Christmas shopping has been left up to my wife, who has been an absolute star throughout all of this.

I haven’t really had to lift a finger ever since I came out of hospital.  I went back to work for those couple of weeks – and took it as easy there as I possibly could; thankfully the pre-Christmas build-up allows for such luxuries as watching the odd DVD – but almost every minute out of work has been spent with my feet up, trying to force down some cheese straws or ginger beer to settle my stomach.  We’ve had my mother-in-law staying (for unrelated reasons) and it’s helped that L has been able to share the chores with her, but my wife really has been amazing, looking after me and making sure I’m rested and have everything I need, while she deals with the dishes and the washing and the cats and everything else!

I really am very lucky and I can’t wait until this sickness passes so I can actually start being more useful around the place and thank her properly for everything she’s done.

Although it’s still very early days and not everyone knows (although to be fair, most people do), we’re already chatting about practicalities and ideas of names – despite the fact we hardly agree on a single one.  The next major thing to do is put the flat on the market so we can move before I become too much like a beached whale and the idea of that brings with it its own stresses and excitement.

We have another scan booked for 5th January (I know, so many, but it’s because there are two of them!) and lots to look forward to in the new year.  I hope everyone has a fabulous Christmas!

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