Holy ultrasound madness, Batman!

So, we went back to Guy’s today so that they could check up on my progress in terms of the OHSS and hopefully as well so that they could  do a scan.

Two babies!  Twins!  Of course it’s still very early days (6 weeks and one day by my count, although the doctor was a little vague about it, not having a calendar in front of him), but today we saw two little fishes swimming around in my uterus!

L is coming up with a series of nicknames for them: Pinky and Perky one week, Torville and Dean the next, Ant and Dec the week after.  We’re both slightly shell-shocked, although I was fairly convinced it had to be twins.  The doctor chuckled as he told us, saying it was no wonder I’d been so ill.

Even though it’s so early, we’re pretty much totally out of the closet at work with the whole pregnancy thing.  When I was in hospital, it was hard for L to fudge the details when people were concerned I was off work, so we ended up agreeing that if it came up specifically then it was okay for her to say.  This meant that we were freely flashing our scan picture in the staff room today when we got back from our appointment this morning.

We have another scan booked for the 19th when we hopefully should be able to see the heartbeats!

And my OHSS is much better.  My ovaries are still enlarged, but there is far less fluid in there, so although I’m still bloated, it’s not too concerning.  And we kinda have bigger things to worry about now.  Like double buggies.

Holy shit, it’s twins!

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