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It’s been a year since I married my best friend.  And what a year it’s been.

We got pregnant, found out it was twins, moved house and then had our two babies.  In theory life should slow down now but, well, we have two babies to look after.

I got up this morning and Imogen had kept L up half the night, so I took both babies downstairs and let her have a lie in.  Not only did she really appreciate this, but it made me confident that I might actually be able to cope when L goes back to work in only 3 weeks!

Life is pretty busy, which is why my blog posts have been fairly few and far between.  In actual fact I have several aborted drafts on my WordPress dashboard that may well never get published, either through lack of time or because they just stopped being relevant weeks ago.

So, in that vein, here are some pictures of our house once we were all moved in and unpacked.  These photos were (obviously) taken before the babies arrived.  Our house will NEVER look like this again until at least 2030! And by then we’ll probably have moved.

Anyway, without further ado…

Living-dining room (this was just before L’s birthday party if you were wondering about the bottle of Pimms on the table!)

Living-dining room, reverse view

Living-dining room including our wedding canvas (photo by theotherday.co.uk, canvas printed at Transform Your Image, Bluewater). The bookshelf is going and we are getting a dresser/display unit to go there instead. (Ignore the birthing ball!)


Front room. This will be a second living room/play room, but currently we have no sofa!


Master bedroom. Wedding photo and canvas as above.

Nursery (although the babies won’t be sleeping in here for quite a while).

Changing table complete with reusable nappies and cheeky wipes.

The babies’ bookshelf with their Olympic mascots. If you’re wondering about the book on the far right of the shelf, I did explain to my wife that it isn’t *actually* a children’s book!

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