School’s Out for Summer!


We’re a week into the summer holidays now and it feels so good! The weather has come out the other side of the almost unbearable heat wave and – okay – it’s kinda drizzly, but it’s the summer and all four of us are at home together for the next five weeks. I’m so excited.

The girls’ birthday party was a great success. It was warm but not too hot and it didn’t rain. Our garden was filled with people and our friends’ children loved playing with the girls’ toys and on their swing set.


We had a barbecue and alongside that served a load of food that would be easy for the girls and the other children/babies at the party to eat, including some rainbow fruit skewers that I had seen on Pinterest, which looked really cool and went down extremely well.

rainbow skewers

I made the girls a birthday cake, which was supposed to be rainbow layers, but the food colouring just didn’t take that well, so although there was a clear graduation between the layers, they just didn’t have the vibrant colour I had been going for. Still, it tasted lovely and Claudia and Imogen didn’t seem to mind the lack of colour. I had also made cupcakes to go along with the cake as I was worried it wouldn’t quite go far enough. These were also iced with butter icing and sprinkled with coloured sugar, finished off with these really cool flags the girls’ Auntie and Uncle made them (Auntie A is a graphic designer – always someone good to know!).


The girls were brilliant all day, which was a relief as Claudia had been quite grumpy on her actual birthday and the day after (teething, I suspect). They were very entertaining and seemed to have a great time with everyone.


By the early evening it all got a bit much for Claudia, who fell asleep on her Great Auntie’s lap. She woke an hour or so later and there was no putting either of them to bed, so they ended up having an after party with us and their Popsey and Grandad, opening some of their many presents!


presents Imogen has been walking more and more since she took her first steps on Sunday 14th July and can now pretty much cross a room without holding on. Claudia is just starting to let go of things and is getting pretty good at standing up, but has yet to actually take an independent step.

We are off on holiday on Friday, to spend a week in Dorset with my mum and step-dad, hopefully allowing us a little bit of baby-free time as well as getting to enjoy the girls’ first experiences of the beach, fish and chips and ice cream cones.

I just cant believe we are now mothers of one-year-olds. Where does the time go?







Bathtime cuddles from Becoming Mums on Vimeo.


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