Ready for the harvest

We went back to the hospital on Friday.  The scan seemed to be going well in that I had lots follicles, but they weren’t quite big enough.  So we were sent away with instructions to come back on Sunday.  This was somewhat frustrating, but at least it meant I didn’t have OHSS.

I carried on sniffing and jabbing – same old, same old.  We went to a fireworks display last night and I had to do both in a darkish corner of the park, which was an experience to say the least, and preferable to doing either in the portaloos!

This morning we got up ridiculously early for a Sunday and headed back up to Guy’s.  This scan showed that my follicles had grown so we are ALL SYSTEMS GO for egg collection.

I am booked in for 11:30 Tuesday morning, which means we have to be there at 10.  I had already pre-warned work that egg collection would probably be Tuesday, so our wonderful Deputy Head has already booked me a supply teacher for Tuesday and Wednesday.

To prepare my body for egg collection I had my last sniff of Naferelin this evening and don’t need to inject with Gonal-f any more.  I do, however, have to give myself a one-off injection of Ovitrelle at 11:30 tonight, as it has to be done 36 hours before egg collection.  The nurse also gave me a painkiller which I have to take earlier in the morning before egg collection.  However, because I will be put under general anaesthetic and have to fast for 6 hours beforehand, it’s not one that can be taken orally, if you get my drift.  My wife finds this incredibly amusing.

It was a real relief to hear that my ovaries had done their thing and that we’re ready for egg retrieval, but each step we pass only leaves us facing another stage where things potentially could go wrong.  I’m torn between a firm belief in the power of positive thinking and not wanting to get myself too excited about something that really isn’t guaranteed.

If my follicles turn out to produce lots of little ova, then the people at Guy’s will attempt to fertilise them with our donor’s sperm.  Hopefully from this we will get several embryos and then one or two can be put back in on either Friday or Sunday.

So we’re a step further along, but still need your fingers crossed and your positive thoughts sent in our general direction.

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